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Wall Hanging spice racks in a large selection woods_stains for storage-organization needs.

3 Tier Counter racks in unique spice rack designs. Solve your counter top clutter problems.


Handcrafted wood spice racks in unique spice rack designs. 3 Tier wall hanging spice racks in a large selection of woods and stains. Free shipping on our Large Wood Spice Racks. 3 Tier counter racks with Dave's anti-rattle off wood shelf edge design. Custom spice rack; Dave the spice rack maker can design a kitchen rack for your home. Contact us. Wood spice racks built to be passed down for generations at Dave's Spice Racks. Dave's Personalized spice racks make unique gifts for any occasion.

Handcrafted Wood Spice Racks

WALL Hanging Spice Racks-Custom Spice Racks-Counter Racks at affordable prices.

Order 3 Tier Wall Hanging Wood Spice Racks on-line. Quick and easy to install.

Custom Spice Racks: Personalized Maple Rack

cm 52 x 30.jpg
Dave's Classical  Spice Rack design.

 Have Dave solve your storage and organization problems.
Dave can design a custom kitchen spice rack for your home in the wood to match; in the design that works out best for you. Contact Us at Dave's Spice Racks. Have your custom spice rack built to your specifications.

Dave's personalized spice racks make unique gifts.

Give your mother one for her birthday, Mother's Day or any other special  occasion. She will be delighted.

personalized spice rack   Personalized greeting on 3 Tier Spice Rack 12" wide.

Have your name or greeting hand carved into the front of the bottom back of the wood spice rack at Dave's Spice Racks.  
We can carve just about any saying or greeting on to your wood spice rack. If there are to many characters in the phrase or greeting we may  need to eliminate a couple key pegs.  Very seldom had we had to do that. But it has happened on some of the smaller sizes.

3 Tier Wall Hanging Spice Racks

12 Oak b.jpg

  Wall hanging spice racks 12"-26" wide. 

In Large selection of woods and wood finishes.
3 Tier wall hung racks  2 1/2" or 3"deep with key pegs & option personalized.  Order On-line.
Spice Racks 2 1/2" deep will hold spice bottles up 2" diameter.
  •  Spice Racks 2 1/2" deep will hold spice bottles up 2" diameter.
  •  3" deep wood spice racks will hold all your spice bottles up to 2 1/2" diameter.  
Organize your messy kitchen cupboards.

3 Tier Counter Spice Racks

3 Tier counter rack.jpg

Counter spice racks with Dave's Plain shelf or Anti-Rattle off shelf edge design. 3 Tiers, 3" deep.  

At Dave's Spice Racks you will find your unique handcrafted wooden counter spice racks available in 14",18", 22" and 26" wide.


Large Spice Racks

20 x 29 x 3.jpg

Free Shipping:

Dave offers free shipping on our large wood spice rack design. You will find the large spice rack design in a large selection of woods and wood stains.

Large spice rack not big enough for you. Contact Us and we will custom make a spice rack for you.

Dear Dave, Just got your spice rack in and I am pleased as punch. The workmanship is second to none.  I had the baby up and filled within 10 minutes of the freight coming in.  The construction is perfect, the color matches my cupboards, and I am one happy camper. Thank goodness for cottage industries like you.  Not a Made in China logo anywhere in sight. Best regards, John Glover Forks, Washington ( annual rainfall 12 ft a year)